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This is the list of famous Chinese Indonesians:

This is the list of famous Chinese Indonesians:


1 Politics
2 Military
3 Economics and business
4 Sports
5 Religion
6 Academia
7 Arts
8 Human rights
9 Others
10 See also

Arief Budiman (Soe Hok Djin), scholar in political studies.
Alvin Lie, member of Parliament from PAN.
Harry Tjan Silalahi, former student activist in 1960s, former member of the Supreme Advisory Council, former member of the Parliament, intellectual focusing on politics and policy studies, Co-Founder of CSIS.
Jusuf Wanandi, former student activist in 1960s, former representative in the People’s Consultative Assembly, intellectual focusing on policy and strategic studies, Co-Founder of CSIS.
Kwik Kian Gie, PDIP politician, former minister in the administrations of Abdurrahman Wahid and Megawati Sukarnoputri.
Mari Pangestu, Minister of Trade in the era of President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono (2004 - present)
Oei Tjoe Tat, Old Order politician and once President Sukarno's advisor
Soe Hok Gie, political analyst and activist in 1960s
Yap Tjwan Bing, member of the Committee for the Preparation of Indonesia’s Independence (PPKI)
Hassan Karman, First Chinese mayor of Indonesia; Mayor, Singkawang, Kalimantan, 2007-
黄汉山, Deputy governor, West Kalimantan
Eko Maulana Ali??, Governor, Belitong

Gho Hu Se, combatant during the Dutch police action war.
Teddy Jusuf, retired Brig. Gen.
John Lie alias Jahja Daniel Dharma, served the Indonesian Navy by setting up clandestine weapons procurement operations during the Dutch blockades from 1947 to 1949. He continued serving the Navy during the 1961-1963 Mandala campaigns before retiring as Rear Admiral.

Economics and business
Ang Kang Ho, General Manager, PT Imora Motor
Bob Hasan, entrepreneur, minister of forestry until 1998
Ciputra, entrepreneur
Sukanto Tanoto, entrepreneur, richest Indonesian
Christianto Wibisono, economics analyst
Eka Tjipta Widjaja, entrepreneur, founder of Sinar Mas Group
Hadi Soesastro, economist/intellectual, Executive Director of CSIS.
Hermawan Kartajaya, marketing guru, president of World Marketing Association
Ivan Darius Lumenta, entrepreneur, founder of Krupuk Sehat. Though his family name originated from Manado, but he is fully Chinese descent.
James Riady, entrepreneur
Jaya Suprana (Poa Kok Tjian), businessman, head of Jamu Jago
Kwik Kian Gie, coordinating minister of economics and finance 1999-2000; minister of national development planning 2001-2004
Lin Che Wei, economics analyst
Mari Pangestu, Minister of Trade (2004-2009), former Executive Director of CSIS.
Mochtar Riady, entrepreneur, founder of Lippo Group
Oei Tiong Ham, entrepreneur
Putera Sampoerna, entrepreneur
Polyman SAT, entrepreneur
Jakob Oetama, entrepreneur
Rachman Halim (Tjoa To Hing), businessman, leader of Gudang Garam
Sofjan Wanandi, entrepreneur
Sudono Salim, entrepreneur, founder of Salim Group
Trihatma Kusuma Haliman, entrepreneur, founder of Agung Podomoro Group
Tung Desem Waringin, motivator
William Suryadjaja, entrepreneur, founder of Astra International
Rudy Hindrotanojo (Tan Kiat Hien), entrepreneur, co-founder of Jamu Air Mancur
Kimun Ongkosandjojo (Ong Kiem Oen), entrepreneur, co-founder of Jamu Air Mancur

Alan Budikusuma, badminton star and 1992 Olympic gold medalist
Angelique Widjaja, Tennis athlete
Ardi B Wiranata, badminton star
Candra Wijaya, badminton star and 2000 Olympic gold medalist with Tony Gunawan for men's doubles
Chris John, Boxing world champion (WBA featherweight, 2003 - present)
Christian Hadinata, badminton star
Eng Hian, badminton star
Evelyne Marzuki, poker player
Felix Sutanto, sea games swimmer
Ferry Sonneville, badminton star
Hendrawan, badminton world champion
Hermawan Susanto, badminton star
John Juanda, poker player, fulltiltpoker star
Liem Swie King, badminton legend
Nanda Octaviani, soccer Player
Njoo Ing Hin, player and kyokushin fighter
Richard Sambera, swimmer
Ronald Susilo, badminton star based in Singapore
Rudy Hartono, badminton legend, 8-time winner of the All-England Cup
Susi Susanti, badminton star and 1992 Olympic gold medalist
Suwandi, tennis player
Tan Joe Hok, Indonesia badminton legend
Tjun Tjun, badminton star
Tony Gunawan, badminton star and 2000 Olympic gold medalist with Candra Wijaya for men's doubles
Wynne Prakusya, Tennis athlete

Anton Medan, Islamic preacher
Muhammad Syafii Antonio, Islamic Banking Expert.
Stephen Tong, evangelist
Caleb Tong, evangelist
Junus Jahja (Lauw Chuan Tho), Muslim assimilation activist
Sindhunata, priest and journalist

Ong Hok Ham, historian
Tjia May On, physicist
Vincent's Genesius Evans, Educational Motivator, Teacher
Yohanes Surya, physicist
HOK Tanzil, Microbiologist
dr Budi Setyadi / Kwee han Tiong, surgeon
dr. A. Oetojo,Sp.THT
dr. Indro Handojo
dr.Harman, Obs. Gynecology
dr.Jozep Lukman Ojong, Cardiologist
Djohan Salim, Music Psychologist

Asmaraman Sukowati alias Kho Ping Hoo, novelist
Bubi Chen, Jazz musician
Deddy Corbuzier, magician
Desta, Club 80's band member, grandson of Kho Ping Hoo
Delon Liaw, runner-up of Indonesian Idol 2004.
Dominique Diyose, photo model
Ferry Salim, presenter, actor
Hanung Bramantyo, movie director
Jahja Ling, conductor and music director
Jaya Suprana, businessman, comedian, linguist, composer, musician, TV talk
Iwan Sastrawijaya, head of blackboard show host.
Katherine Keng, presenter
Lenna Tan, presenter, actress, and photo model
Lim Tjoan Hok (Teguh Karya), movie director
Liem Goan Lay (Halim HD), artist and theatre activist
Olga Lydia, presenter, photo model
Peter Sie, fashion designer
Roger Danuartha, actor
Sandra Dewi, actress
Susan Bachtiar, presenter
Thé Tjong-Khing, Dutch children's book artist/author.
Willie Dozan, actor and stuntman
Yuanita Christiani, actress and presenter/host.
Agnes Monica, actress and singer

Human rights
Esther Indahyani Yusuf, human rights activist, recipient of Yap Thiam Hien Award.
Yap Thiam Hien, human rights activist / public defender

Sandra Angelia, Miss Indonesia World 2008
Auw Jong Peng Koen (PK Ojong), co-founder of Kompas
Felix Tan (Tan Fay Tjhion), columnist and lecturer in University of Hawaii
Myra Sidharta (Ew Yong Tjhoen Moy)

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